Press Releases

February 2019
Cassidy, Kennedy Introduce Legislation to Protect Adoption and Foster Care Providers from Religious Discrimination
Cassidy Introduces Legislation to Secure the Border, Make Cartels Pay for it
January 2019
Cassidy, Colleagues Reintroduce Sarah's Law on Third Anniversary of Her Death
Cassidy Blasts Virginia Governor’s Defense of Infanticide: “They’re Beholden to Groups Like Planned Parenthood”
Cassidy on Democrats’ Plan to Make Private Health Insurance Illegal: “Medicare for All” Would Result in “Medicare for None”
Cassidy, Kennedy Introduce Bipartisan Legislation To Restore Wetlands
Cassidy, Warner Unveil Draft Legislation to Lower Drug Prices Through Innovative Payment Models
PHOTO: Cassidy Meets with Attorney General Nominee William Barr
WATCH: Cassidy Calls for NFL to Answer for Blown Call that Cost Saints a Trip to the Super Bowl
WATCH: Cassidy Expresses Frustration on Senate Floor: It’s Time for Nancy Pelosi to Negotiate
Cassidy Urges Democrats to Negotiate to End the Shutdown, Secure the Border
Cassidy Joins Legislation to Pay Federal Employees Working During Partial Shutdown
Cassidy, Kennedy Reintroduce Pain-Capable Abortion Ban
Cassidy, Kennedy Applaud Judicial Nomination for Eastern District of Louisiana
Cassidy, Colleagues Introduce Legislation to Protect Medicaid, Prevent Liberal States from Forcing Americans to Subsidize Free Health Care for Illegal Immigrants
Cassidy, Colleagues Introduce Legislation to Protect Children from Sex Crimes, Strengthen Parents’ Rights
Cassidy, Colleagues Introduce Legislation to Permanently End Taxpayer Funding of Abortion
‘Ally to the Unborn’: Dr. Cassidy Discusses Pro-Life Beliefs in January Issue of WORLD Magazine
NFL Network Takes Viewers Behind the Scenes of Cassidy’s Push to Honor Steve Gleason with Congressional Gold Medal
Cassidy, Colleagues Introduce Concealed-Carry Reciprocity Bill
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