November 17, 2021

Cassidy: Gulf Lease Sale Highlights Significance of Gulf of Mexico to U.S. Energy Security and Climate

WASHINGTON – Senator Bill Cassidy, M.D. (R-LA) today released a statement after the Gulf of Mexico oil and gas lease sale conducted by the Department of Interior following a court order overturning Biden administration’s efforts to halt oil and gas leasing. Total lease sales generated $192 million on Wednesday.

“This is a massive win for the U.S. energy industry and for the Gulf, one of the lowest carbon intensity oil-producing regions in the world,” said Dr. Cassidy. “If the administration is committed to lowering greenhouse gas emissions they ought to be doing more to facilitate oil and gas development in the United States, which has far better emissions standards than some of the world’s largest emitters, like China.” 

Cassidy has continuously demanded the Biden administration resume federal oil and gas lease sales after the administration paused all oil and gas lease sales in the Gulf. 

Cassidy has also criticized President Biden’s backwards energy policy and decisions to prioritize foreign energy production over U.S. jobs in the past, including the administration allowing Russia’s Nord Steam II pipeline to continue while simultaneously killing the Keystone XL pipeline and the president’s previous pleas with OPEC to increase oil production.