December 1, 2015

Cassidy Looks at Safety Measures for Offshore Oil and Gas Production

WASHINGTON— U.S. Senator Bill Cassidy, M.D. questioned officials in the Senate Energy and Natural Resources Committee hearing on the Well Control Rule and other regulations related to offshore oil and gas production. Dr. Cassidy questioned whether the 20 new receptacles would create more possibility for leaks and safety hazards, the Well Control Rule shifting command and control authority from rig to shore, and cautioned against rushed-over prescriptive regulations that could lead to unintended safety risks. 

Watch the committee video here and read excerpts below:

ENR committee

“I thank you, tragically, for the pictures of those who died. I knew the families of one of them so I agree that it is in their honor that we come here to try and prevent this from happening again. I’ll also point out that one of the widows of one of those who died, opposed the moratorium, saying that several people on her street depended upon the income from working on those rigs in order to support their families. So clearly there is a balance here. How do we achieve safety, but not kill an industry with a thousand cuts, an industry which is so important to the livelihood of so many?”