November 17, 2015

Cassidy Supports Vitter Legislation to Stop Influx of Syrian Refugees

WASHINGTON –  U.S. Senator Bill Cassidy, M.D. (R-LA) announced he is a cosponsor of Senator David Vitter’s (R-LA) legislation to stop the influx of refugees from Syria until verification safeguards are in place to confirm that each refugee arriving is not a threat to the United States. At least one of the terrorists in the Paris attacks was confirmed to have entered France by posing as a Syrian refugee.

Dr. Cassidy released the following statement:

“The President might not think this is a War on Terror—but the terrorists do. The Obama administration cannot be trusted to verify those entering our country do not pose a threat, therefore they should not be allowed to enter our country.”

Yesterday, Dr. Cassidy supported Governor Jindal’s executive order halting President Obama’s refugee plan in Louisiana and released the following statement: 

“The President has zero credibility when he claims Syrian refugees will be screened. He’s ignoring the genocide of Christians and other religious groups, and still refuses to say ‘radical Islam.’ Hours before the attacks in Paris he said ISIS is contained, minimizing the seriousness of the threat they pose. Top FBI officials said there’s no way to adequately screen all the Syrian refugees the Obama administration plans to accept into the U.S. Given these circumstances, I agree with Governor Jindal’s executive order halting President Obama’s plan.”