May 2, 2021

ICYMI: Cassidy Discusses Infrastructure, Taxes and Calls for Honesty from Biden Administration on Fox News Sunday

WASHINGTON – U.S. Senator Bill Cassidy, M.D. (R-LA) today joined Chris Wallace on Fox News Sunday calling on the need for honesty from the Biden administration. During the interview they discussed President Biden’s push for big government, the economy, taxes and infrastructure. 

On Biden’s Push for Big Government

“The era of big government coming back will thwart the progress we need to make. And I think we can see recent history about how that is exactly true.”

On the Economy

“The aspiration of this Biden administration is to return to the economy before COVID where we had record low unemployment, which means record high employment for African Americans, veterans, women, Hispanics, the disabled, high school dropouts, with wage growth disproportionately in the lower quintiles of the income structure. That’s where we were seeing the economy really help. Now that was all part of the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act bill. You can’t separate them.”

On Taxes

“If you raise taxes on corporations you have lower wages, you have less investment, and you hurt shareholders. Think pension funds. Now if it’s ok to have lower wages for working people – it’s a blue collar thing. If it’s ok to have less investment – it’s a blue collar thing. But if you want higher wages, if you want more investment, if you want more efficient deployment of capital, then it’s anti-blue collar. We saw under the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act bill a blue collar working bill. Investment, increased wages among the lower quintiles of Americans with fuller employment. That’s the recipe for success, not taking trillions and trickling it through Democratic interest groups.” 

On Infrastructure

“It’s not infrastructure. When people say ‘wait a minute, I like this because we need a new bridge across the Calcasieu River in Lake Charles,’ I’m saying this plan will not give it to you. The amount of spending for roads and bridges is so low and split between 50 states over 5 years, you’re not going to get your bridge.”


“It’s better to say conservatives and progressives coming together to find common ground… If you’re talking about the scope which is roads and bridges and internet and tunnels and airports and waterways we can be pretty close. If you’re talking about spending hundreds of billions of dollars to benefit public sector unions, then we’re far apart. So if we can agree upon the scope, we can fix those bridges in Louisiana and elsewhere. And I would argue the administration needs to be honest with the American people: If you really want roads and bridges come where Republicans already are; If you want to give us permission to do a lot of other stuff well that’s a different story. Roads and bridges we’re a lot closer than you might think.”