VIDEO: Cassidy: Mueller Must Restore Credibility to His Investigation

U.S. Senator Bill Cassidy, M.D. (R-LA), a member of the Senate Finance Committee, joined Stuart Varney on Fox Business today to discuss the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act, tax reform legislation that would cut taxes for working families in Louisiana.

He also commented on the recently revealed text messages sent by top FBI officials demonstrating anti-Trump, pro-Clinton bias.

Key excerpts of Cassidy’s remarks are transcribed below.


CASSIDY: Yeah, I think it does pass. … Growth in the economy takes care of a lot of things. And those lower income Americans who under Obama suffered, now they're starting to see wage increase. We need that wage increase to continue—more money in their paycheck. We need this economy to work for them too, and this tax package will help to do so.


VARNEY: Senator, I have to ask you about what I'm going to call a political bias within the FBI. Broad question here, do you think it's time to investigate the investigation?

CASSIDY: I think we have to see what Mueller's going to do in the next week or two. Clearly there's people on his team who had a political axe to grind against Donald Trump. And it's up to Mueller to step forward and restore credibility to his investigation. I am willing to give him that shot.

VARNEY: Do you think we'll get something from Mueller within the next two weeks before the end of the year?

CASSIDY: I would think we'd have to. There is enough cacophony of criticism that is justified that I think he has to respond to.