December 6, 2018

WATCH: At Cassidy’s Invitation, Baton Rouge Pastor Tommy Middleton Opens U.S. Senate in Prayer

WASHINGTON—U.S. Senator Bill Cassidy, M.D. (R-LA), today introduced Baton Rouge Pastor Dr. Tommy Middleton on the Senate floor and invited him to open the Senate in prayer.

Dr. Cassidy’s remarks and Dr. Middleton’s prayer are transcribed below.

CASSIDY: I rise today to speak to my friend, Dr. Tommy Middleton, the executive director of the Baptist Association of Greater Baton Rouge, who just opened us prayer. Dr. Middleton oversees 100  churches and missions, which include services in six languages, Chinese, Burmese, Vietnamese, Filipino, Korean, Spanish—I should say seven—also English. The ministries include the New Orleans Baptist Theological Seminary Extension of Baton Rouge, student work at the Baptist Collegiate Ministries of Louisiana State University and Southern University, camp ministries at the Judson Baptist Retreat Center, prison ministries in four state prisons and six local parish jails, governmental interface on the local, state, and federal level, ministries to the seamen through the Seafarer’s Ministries, church planting regionally, and international missions in 16 different countries in which he’s been personally involved. I’ll add one more—bringing relief to victims of natural disasters across our country. Overall, Dr. Middleton has spread the good news of the Gospel for nearly 50 years. It is my honor to invite Dr. Middleton to open the United States Senate in prayer this morning. We have all been blessed. Thank you.

MIDDLETON: Good morning. Let’s pray. Father, we are grateful for this life and health and strength that you have given us so that we may serve you and serve others. So thankful for your hand of blessing and favor that has rested upon this nation, and O God, may that continue. And so Lord, we pray for these senators, that Lord, you would give them wisdom in the decisions that they make and in the crafting of legislation. Lord, that you would give them compassion, as they deal with others, fellow senators, legislators, elected officials, constituents. And that you would give them courage to make decisions based upon truth. Although there may be opposition, may they, Lord, may they stay people of truth. And Father, I do pray that you give them discernment so that in the deliberations that they make, they will judge a righteous judgment. And finally, O Lord, that we would walk in humility, realizing that the decisions that we make, the course of our walk, our actions in our life will be judged by those who have elected us here, but more than that, that we will be judged by you, almighty God. Lord, we pray, we desire, we seek your help, and as your Word says, our help is in the name of the Lord, the maker of heaven and Earth. And in that name, the name of the Lord Jesus Christ, I pray. Amen.