October 10, 2018

WATCH: Cassidy Highlights Three Big, Bipartisan Things Passed by the Senate

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WASHINGTON—U.S. Senator Bill Cassidy, M.D. (R-LA), released the following video statement after the Senate passed America’s Water Infrastructure Act (S. 3021) by a vote of 99-1, sending the bipartisan water resources legislation to President Trump’s desk to be signed into law.

“In the last two weeks there’s been a lot of attention on the Brett Kavanaugh nomination, and I’m glad he got sworn in. But there’s been other things that have happened as well that are of incredible importance to the people of Louisiana. Let me go over a couple of them. Two bills we’ve passed and one bill that we are about to pass.

“First, we passed a bill to reauthorize the Federal Aviation Administration, which includes things related to the great floods of 2016, eliminating the duplication of benefits issue, as well as helping schools having only one deductible for the damage on their campus, as opposed to a deductible for each individual building. Saves our school systems millions of dollars that they can use to teach children as opposed to address deductibles.

“Secondly, we passed a provision on the opioid epidemic. Unfortunately, most of us know somebody who’s been affected or perhaps even died from opioid overdose. I brought my experience as a physician to this, inserting several amendments making it easier to treat, easier for law enforcement to know what the problems were, and hopefully addressing the opioid crisis in numerous ways.

“And lastly, this week we’re going to pass the Water Resources and Development Act, or the WRDA bill, it’s going to help people in North Louisiana by deepening the Red River, helping out with commerce, helping people in South Louisiana by deepening the Houma Navigational Canal, Baptiste Collette Bayou and Bayou Lafourche waterways. Lastly, doing several things for St. Tammany Parish to improve or to lessen the risk of St. Tammany Parish to flood.

“Just to say, there’s been a lot of things going on, but all these things are working for the interest of our country and of our state. Thank you for allowing me to represent you.”