Bill # Bill Description Updated
S.3652 Cosponsored  — A bill to counter the aggression of the Russian Federation against Ukraine and Eastern European allies, to expedite security assistance to Ukraine to bolster Ukraine's defense capabilities, and to impose sanctions relating to the actions of the Russian Federation with respect to Ukraine, and for other purposes.
S.3627 Sponsored  — A bill to establish a centralized system to allow individuals to request the simultaneous deletion of their personal information across all data brokers, and for other purposes.
S.3624 Cosponsored  — A bill to provide for improvements to the rivers and harbors of the United States, to provide for the conservation and development of water and related resources, and for other purposes.
S.3632 Cosponsored  — A bill to amend the program for local substance use disorder services.
S.3637 Cosponsored  — A bill to require the Commandant of the Coast Guard to establish an interim behavioral health policy for members of the Coast Guard that achieves parity with the behavioral health policy of the Department of Defense, and for other purposes.
S.3607 Cosponsored  — A bill to award a Congressional gold medal, collectively, to the First Rhode Island Regiment, in recognition of their dedicated service during the Revolutionary War.
S.3613 Cosponsored  — A bill to prohibit the housing of chimpanzees at installations of the Department of the Air Force.
S.3620 Sponsored  — A bill to establish the Commission for the Comprehensive Study of Health Data Use and Privacy Protection.
S.3589 Cosponsored  — Western Hemisphere Security Strategy Act of 2022
S.3591 Cosponsored  — United States-Ecuador Partnership Act of 2022
S.3554 Cosponsored  — A bill to establish an alternative use of certain Federal education funds when in-person instruction is not available.
S.3557 Cosponsored  — A bill to amend title XVIII of the Social Security Act to extend the Quality Payment Program-Small Practice, Underserved, and Rural Support Program.
S.3542 Cosponsored  — A bill to prevent the misuse of drones, and for other purposes.
S.3534 Cosponsored  — A bill to strengthen and expand activities related to genomic sequencing of pathogens, and for other purposes.
S.3531 Cosponsored  — A bill to require the Federal Government to produce a national climate adaptation and resilience strategy, and for other purposes.
S.3517 Sponsored  — A bill to amend the Red River National Wildlife Refuge Act to modify the boundary of the Red River National Wildlife Refuge, and for other purposes.
S.3501 Sponsored  — A bill to require the Federal Trade Commission to issue a short-form terms of service summary statement, and for other purposes.
S.3478 Cosponsored  — A bill to provide for the designation of biological products as qualified infectious disease products.
S.3445 Sponsored  — A bill to amend the Combat-Injured Veterans Tax Fairness Act of 2016 to apply to members of the Coast Guard when the Coast Guard is not operating as a service in the Department of the Navy, and for other purposes.
S.3402 Cosponsored  — A bill to amend title 54, United States Code, and the Federal Lands Recreation Enhancement Act to prohibit medical discrimination relating to applications for commercial use authorizations and special recreation permits, and to clarify the status of the holders of commercial use authorizations and special recreation permits, and for other purposes.
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