Bill # Bill Description Updated
S.916 Sponsored  — Protecting Patient Access to Emergency Medications Act of 2017
S.992 Cosponsored  — A bill to direct the Secretary of Veterans Affairs to conduct an independent review of the deaths of certain veterans by suicide, and for other purposes.
S.956 Sponsored  — A bill to amend the Outer Continental Shelf Lands Act to limit the authority of the President to withdraw areas from oil and gas leasing, and for other purposes.
S.967 Cosponsored  — Medicare Ambulance Access, Fraud Prevention, and Reform Act of 2017
S.830 Sponsored  — A bill to amend title XVIII of the Social Security Act to provide for the coordination of programs to prevent and treat obesity, and for other purposes.
S.850 Cosponsored  — Foreign Medical School Accountability Fairness Act of 2017
S.808 Cosponsored  — Sports Medicine Licensure Clarity Act of 2017
S.89 Cosponsored  — A bill to amend title 46, United States Code, to exempt old vessels that only operate within inland waterways from the fire-retardant materials requirement if the owners of such vessels make annual structural alterations to at least 10 percent of the areas of the vessels that are not constructed of fire-retardant materials and for other purposes.
S.792 Cosponsored  — A bill to amend the Immigration and Nationality Act to establish an H-2B temporary non-agricultural work visa program, and for other purposes.
S.168 Cosponsored  — Commercial Vessel Incidental Discharge Act
S.781 Sponsored  — A bill to amend the Public Health Service Act to limit the liability of health care professionals who volunteer to provide health care services in response to a disaster.
S.720 Cosponsored  — Israel Anti-Boycott Act
S.718 Cosponsored  — A bill to amend the Higher Education Act of 1965 to make college affordable and accessible.
S.665 Sponsored  — A bill to amend the Outer Continental Shelf Lands Act to authorize additional lease sales to be added to an approved 5-year leasing program.
S.593 Cosponsored  — Target Practice and Marksmanship Training Support Act
S.573 Cosponsored  — A bill to establish the National Criminal Justice Commission.
S.520 Sponsored  — A bill to amend title XIX of the Social Security Act to reform payment to States under the Medicaid program.
S.505 Sponsored  — A bill to amend the Internal Revenue Code of 1986 to provide for an energy equivalent of a gallon of diesel in the case of liquefied natural gas for purposes of the Inland Waterways Trust Fund financing rate.
S.527 Cosponsored  — Health Care Safety Net Enhancement Act of 2017
S.464 Cosponsored  — Independence at Home Act of 2017
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