June 8, 2017

Cassidy Comments on Delay of EPA Ozone Standards

WASHINGTON—This week, the US Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) announced it would delay the implementation of the 2015 ground-level ozone standards to give states more time to comply. Those regulations would require states to meet a 70-parts-per-billion (ppb) standard by October of this year. The EPA’s decision pushes back those requirements to 2018.


“The EPA is working to ensure clean air and that jobs for Americans are preserved. This decision reflects those goals,” said Dr. Cassidy.


Kyle Zeringue, Senior Vice President of Business Development for the Baton Rouge Area Chamber (BRAC) released a statement in support of the EPA decision:


“BRAC is pleased the EPA has officially recognized the importance of delaying the implementation of 2015 ground level ozone standards. While BRAC and its partners have demonstrated a strong commitment to improving air quality and health, the 2015 standards have and continue to negatively impact economic opportunity in Louisiana’s Capital Region and the nation’s top-performing metropolitan economies.  This delay will provide states and regional economies with additional time to enact guidance from the EPA, which it has not received for the 2015 standard.  BRAC will continue to advocate for the EPA to complete a more comprehensive assessment of the environmental and economic impact for determination of a realistic implementation and compliance schedule.” 


On May 23rd, Zeringue testified before Congress in support of legislation that would delay the implementation of the 2015 Ozone standards. Read his testimony here.