January 5, 2022

Louisiana Chambers, Trade Associations Praise Bipartisan Infrastructure Plan

WASHINGTON – In November, the U.S. House of Representatives passed and the president signed the bipartisan Infrastructure Investment and Jobs Act (IIJA) into law. This follows the U.S. Senate passing the legislation in August. Senator Bill Cassidy, M.D. (R-LA) led efforts to draft and pass this historic investment in Louisiana’s roads, airports, ports, rural broadband and flood mitigation projects. He also ensured the legislation boosts Louisiana’s energy industry by supporting hydrogen hubs and carbon sequestration technologies, among other projects.

Chambers and trade associations from across Louisiana have joined Senator Cassidy in praising this legislation. Here’s what they are saying:

Louisiana Asphalt Pavement Association: “For decades, there has been a need for a major transportation bill from Congress to improve our roads and bridges. Senator Cassidy has delivered that bill, and Louisiana will benefit enormously from his efforts. We appreciate his advocacy on behalf of our state and its citizens,” – Erich Ponti, Executive Director

Louisiana Associated General Contractors: “The recently passed Infrastructure Investment and Jobs Act means so much to Louisiana’s construction industry. We have been waiting for over 20 years for Congress to act upon the infrastructure needs of the states. Senator Bill Cassidy’s involvement in drafting the IIJA is not a benefit to Louisiana but to the whole country. The IIJA addresses the whole infrastructure needs, highways, bridges, ports, coastal, drainage, clean water, hazardous waste mitigation, and on and on,” – Ken Naquin, Chief Executive Officer

Ports Association of Louisiana: “The money provided for port upgrades by the Infrastructure Investment and Jobs Act will benefit every part of our state. This is a big win for Louisiana commerce and industry. We thank Senator Cassidy for his leadership in passing this bill into law,” – Jennifer Marusak, Executive Director

One Acadiana: “We appreciate Senator Cassidy’s efforts to keep the Infrastructure Investment and Jobs Act focused on its intended purpose. This long-term investment will better position our infrastructure networks, like the I-49 South corridor, to meet the needs of the future. Crucial funding for rural broadband and flood mitigation will also help to improve quality of life in Acadiana and attract new businesses and talent to our community. We are grateful to Senator Cassidy for his leadership on behalf of Louisiana,” Troy Wayman, President and Chief Executive Officer

Ascension Chamber of Commerce: “The Ascension Chamber would like to commend Senator Bill Cassidy for his leadership in securing transportation infrastructure funding for Louisiana through the Infrastructure Investment and Jobs Act. Recognizing the direct correlation between enhanced transportation infrastructure and economic development, Senator Cassidy knew how important this increased investment was to our state, specifically, for the production and transportation of global products manufactured here in Ascension. As Ascension Parish continues to be a leader in the state from an economic growth perspective, we ask that the infrastructure needs in our parish be prioritized when allocating this additional funding by ensuring our local road systems are not overburdened by the projected growth in the parish.” 

Bayou Industrial Group: “Our recovery from Hurricane Ida is only possible if we have the money necessary to build levees, repair our coast, and strengthen our grid. Our energy industry must also remain competitive, including wherever there are policies to reduce emissions. The Infrastructure Investment and Jobs Act addresses all these needs. It’s only possible because of Senator Bill Cassidy, and we appreciate his work on behalf of Louisiana and our workers.”

Capital Region Industry for Sustainable Infrastructure Solutions (CRISIS): “CRISIS thanks U.S. Senator Bill Cassidy for his work to pass the Infrastructure Investment and Jobs Act (IIJA) into law. Our organization advocates for transportation and infrastructure solutions in the Capital Region so Baton Rouge area residents will spend less time in traffic. The $6 billion that the IIJA provides Louisiana for roads and bridges will go a long way toward easing traffic congestion in the region. We appreciate Senator Cassidy’s leadership in Washington,” – Scott Kirkpatrick, Executive Director

Northeast Louisiana Economic Alliance: “Northeast Louisiana is glad to be the beneficiary of investments recently voted through Congress. Senator Cassidy’s participation in the drafting of the Infrastructure Investment and Jobs Act and his hard work on broadband for rural areas will prove to be a dramatic change and upgrade. Rural business can take advantage of Internet trade and advertising. Roads and Bridges are sorely in need of improvements; our ports and airports, will be additional recipients of new or improved infrastructure. But for these new dollars, critical needs in Northeast Louisiana would not be quickly addressed. We appreciate the leadership of this truly bi-partisan bill and the fact that the Senator directed and spread Louisiana’s portion all over the state,” – Tana Trichel, President/Chief Executive Officer

St. Mary Parish Chamber of Commerce: “The St. Mary Parish Chamber of Commerce would like to thank Senator Bill Cassidy for his bipartisan leadership while working with the Senate in passing the infrastructure bill. St. Mary Parish will benefit from many of the proposed key aspects in rebuilding roads and bridges which are desperately needed throughout the entirety of the parish. Major upgrading of broadband infrastructure will help the connectivity in our rural regions while bolstering connection in our municipalities. Restoration, preservation and protection of coastal St. Mary Parish including storm protection as well as dredging of the Atchafalaya is key to the vitality of our parish. Upgrading water distribution and wastewater treatment plants will ensure our parish will continue to maintain water safety ratings with DHH. We look forward to working with the Senator and his staff to ensure our Parish will receive our fair share of this monumental bill,” – Ed Verdin, Vice Chairperson

West Baton Rouge Chamber of Commerce: “The West Baton Rouge Chamber of Commerce welcomes the passage of the Infrastructure Investment and Jobs Act (IIJA). This bill brings us one step closer to a new Mississippi River bridge, which will help our residents and support economic development. The money available for port upgrades, hydrogen hubs, carbon capture and other energy projects will also boost industry in our parish. We are grateful for Senator Cassidy’s leadership on this legislation. We feel that the IIJA will make West Baton Rouge Parish a better place to live and work,” – Patrick Hobbins, Chairman

Previous statements of support made near the Senate passage of the bill in August include:

Baton Rouge Round Table (BRAC): “BRAC thanks @SenBillCassidy for his incredible leadership to get a bipartisan infrastructure bill passed through the US Senate this week. Baton Rouge desperately needs more investment in roads and a new bridge. Cassidy played a huge role to help get it done.” – August 12, 2021 

Business Roundtable: “Senator Bill Cassidy, thank you for your leadership and for supporting the Infrastructure Investment and Jobs Act, which will create jobs, help the economy grow and strengthen America’s global competitiveness.” – August 12, 2021

U.S. Chamber of Commerce: “Thank you @SenBillCassidy for voting ‘Yes’ on the historic bipartisan infrastructure legislation. This legislation will grow our economy, create millions of jobs & improve global competitiveness.” – August 12, 2021

American Association of Port Authorities: “One of the key authors of the ports section, @SenBillCassidy was on the floor moments ago touting the importance of projects that would be funded by this legislation. Read more about the need for infrastructure upgrades in Louisiana in the Advocate.” – August 3, 2021

Speaker Pro Tempore of the Louisiana House of Representatives Tanner Magee: “If you get coastal permitting down to 2 years with the army Corp of engineers that is worth all the tea in China.” – July 28, 2021

Associated General Contractors of America: “The new infrastructure measure passed by the Senate today provides much-needed new federal investments in a wide range of infrastructure projects.” – August 10, 2021

National Governors Association: “Infrastructure is foundational to every aspect of our lives and Governors have been leading the call for action to fix now and invest in the future. Take a look at how the Infrastructure Investment and Jobs Act makes a generational investment in America.” – August 11, 2021

National Association of Manufactures: “We are pleased with the Senate’s progress towards passing this bill and look forward to assisting the Administration and States in bringing its benefits to life.” – August 9, 2021

American Trucking Association: “For nearly three decades, our nation and industry have been held hostage by empty promises—all talk, no action. Today, the Senate put America ahead of itself. Passage of this bipartisan infrastructure bill is a groundbreaking step toward revitalizing America’s decaying roads and bridges, supporting our supply chain and economy with the foundation they need to grow, compete globally and lead the world.” – August 10, 2021

American Association of State Highway and Transportation Officials: “AASHTO is grateful the Senate was able to work in a bipartisan way to pass this historic infrastructure legislation, which provides a robust funding increase for all modes of transportation.” – August 10, 2021

American Road & Transportation Builders Association: “The strong bipartisan spirit demonstrated in the Senate approval of the Infrastructure Investment & Jobs Act sets the bar high.” – August 10, 2021