WVLA: Cassidy speaks at pro-life Louisiana Life March

Aired January 28, 2019


Cassidy talks with Hugh Hewitt about his efforts to lower drug costs and secure the border

Aired January 29th, 2019


Cassidy discusses ways to lower drug costs with Dr Douglas Holtz-Eakin in Finance Committee hearing


Cassidy questions health CEOs on incentivizing care in underserved communities, 340B program


Cassidy on Fox Business: make Mexican drug cartels pay for the Wall


FOX8 covers locals' reaction to blown call in Saints-Rams game, Cassidy's floor speech


Cassidy on Fox and Friends: let's build the Wall and make drug cartels pay for it


Cassidy talks with WWL's Tommy Tucker about the fight to secure the border


Cassidy blasts NFL on Senate floor regarding blown call in Saints-Rams game


Cassidy on Senate floor: More and more Democrats break with Nancy Pelosi, support border barriers


Cassidy on Fox Business: To end shutdown, Democrats must be willing to compromise on border security


Cassidy joins Moon Griffon to discuss Democrats' unwillingness to negotiate to end shutdown


Cassidy joins KEEL'S Robert & Erin to discuss Dems' shutting down gov't, blocking border security

Aired January 4th, 2019


NFL360: The Remarkable Story of Steve Gleason - Coming Tuesday 7 PM CT on NFL Network

NFL360 documents Saints icon Steve Gleason's journey with ALS, the incredible impact his work has had on others with the disease, and Senator Bill Cassidy's push to pass legislation awarding him the Congressional Gold Medal. Airs Tuesday, January 15, 2019, at 7 PM CT on NFL Network.


Cassidy on Fox News: If Nancy Pelosi keeps blocking border security, make drug cartels pay for it


WBRZ: Cassidy honors Avoyelles children in emotional moment on Senate floor

Aired January 9, 2019


Cassidy to Ben Shapiro: free health care to illegals isn't fair to American citizens, hurts Medicaid


Cassidy joins NFL Network to discuss awarding Steve Gleason the Congressional Gold Medal


Cassidy speaks in memory of five Marksville children killed in tragic car wreck


Cassidy joins WBRZ to discuss Steve Gleason, shutdown, border security, duplication of benefits fix

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